Linkin Bio vs Linktree: Who Reigns Supreme?

Later Vs. Linktree

These days, plenty of profile link tools are available in the market. However, in this blog, we will compare the two top-notch players in the social bio link space: Linktree and And will also guide you in choosing which one you should use to drive more traffic or sales. Read on to learn.

Earlier, widely used platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and others could only let users add a single link to their bio. This cuts down on the option of integrating all your important work or platform links in one place. which, in turn, made an impact on one’s traffic and sales.

But with the third-party social bio link tools, Linktree and, the problem was solved. Now, you can create a bio page link consisting of multiple hyperlinks, each of which will further redirect your followers to a particular page for taking a certain course of action. 

Thus, optimizing your social bio in the best possible way benefits you in the following ways:

  • Managing all your important links in one place ensures that your work doesn’t get overlooked.
  • Driving more traffic from one platform to another.
  • By adding affiliate links, you can generate more income.
  • Creates more awareness about your brand and establishes credibility among your audience. vs Linktree: A brief introduction

What is the tool?

Started as the first social media scheduler tool for six platforms (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, and Pinterest) in 2014; Later recently introduced a new link-in-bio feature through their tool. 

With the tool, you can build a fully customizable mini web page for the social bios of Instagram and TikTok, which carry clickable and shoppable content. This helps in letting your followers or visitors know more about your work, your brand, and your services/ products. The tool further offers you several powerpack features, like post tagging with URLs, integration with Shopify, analytical data flow, and much more.

What is the Linktree tool?

Founded in 2016 by the brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and their co-business partner Nick Humphreys, Linktree was the first link-in-bio tool that challenged the widely used social media platforms’ link limit, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This saved a lot of time for digital agencies and social media business accounts from creating multiple single links and fearing being overlooked.

Since then, they have built a community of 30 million users globally with a huge share of agencies, influencers, brands, authors, and creators. Over a growing period, the Linktree company has incorporated significant features like strong analytics into its model to better streamline the content-sharing process of social media managers.

How does Later’s tool work? is like a mini-website for your social profile. You can add actionable buttons, and links to all your social media handles, feature your latest linked post, and add links to social posts.

This is how Later’s tool works:

  • First, create an account on Later. For starters, take the 14-day free trial plan. Following this, answer a couple of questions as per your profile’s requirements, as shown in the screenshot below:
6OcBq0QAEVmSjXMwqakaONfRDF7CD4Ap6Bs 5hrxVz6VJhH7j01H0C4fIp2WRuAJcgu00VveMGVGoV0eh2lQkJ4Wt38kceFmYpPYVqjlOD2ot lCkSctdA91o vN8PIiHIc5Iu1Gp0Ua0aJthQl4CKY
  • Once you create the account, you will be redirected to the professional dashboard of Later. Here, you can add your social media links and get started, as seen in the screenshot below.
CEAt22njUVOXo vPXa6oF5uhiFCPHclQ8oCXvIqcMiCwsXexT61LnDye183Ueqev YRqqS4P OPR 0XlX112SNnigwVNTckyLoD0LtkaBVcayWZSc3xjpIXbH3SV AzKU0zB
  • To create the social link-in-bio, click on the on the left-hand side of the window.
TPmhy20N tX5 ua3XTKPwk hn TiLZIgkSo6qB5dN8ezObhyj4gZ3V81yP6wSw2yf9KiJvu8VOrV7oRSpHsJlpK2CCyJ9HQBYH6EocoUHwdhw66DiloAiHLG5rIitAOZzNilQMLHuB7jWh40C4wU2Jc
  • Here, connect your Instagram profile by adding the link. And start adding the blocks to your social bio:
    • Social links: this will connect your audience to all your social platforms.
    • Buttons: This will drive traffic to your website, blog, eCommerce store, or any other web page.
    • Featured media: feature your recent linked post.
    • Linked social posts: This will add links to your social posts that will direct your audience to the right content.
  • Apart from these, you can further design your bio pages, such as by selecting a theme (dark or light), typography, and the font of each block. The page can simply be designed to match the aesthetic of your brand. But obviously, this feature is only available in its paid plan. 

So, this is how the tool works.

What are the benefits of using a tool?

You might already have a basic idea of the tool’s benefits. Here are some key pointers on how you can take advantage of this tool:

  • Set up multiple types of links in your bio and take your followers wherever you want to (product page/ social profile/ blog post).
  • You can add a max of 5 links to each Instagram post, including the Shopify store. This way you can generate and track your sales, and optimize your conversions.
  • Offers a detailed analytical tool through which you can analyze which posts are working and which are not and tweak them accordingly.
  • TikTok and Instagram social bios no longer need to be cluttered.

Examples of businesses and influencers who are using tool? is a great tool to turn your social media handle into a seamless shopping experience and increase your sales. Digital agencies, rising and established influencers like Ryan Babenzien (the founder of GREATS), brands, and small-business owners like Olivia DeSantos (the wedding planner of Nulyweds) are using it to get their work noticed and grow their businesses via Instagram and TikTok.

How does the Linktree tool work?

Unlike tool, the Linktree tool provides a wide range of platforms where you can add a link to a bio landing page. For example, you can connect your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, events, podcasts, website, and much more.

For a brief idea, take a look at the below snapshot,

rlA1bcUwzS2 uyHr59TVKi1qvKVlvAL ZWTNQpt16m6eZ7XxC 2BE21 cLDRJv1kLEo3MlZVxx3Kn5Wnl3jHE5XUNKPIpS YjklCM

However, the basic creation bio link page remains the same. Here is how can use the Linktree tool:

  • Create an account by signing up for a free 28-day trial period.
  • Next, fill in the required details. For example, the name and the required purpose. And you are good to go.
V xKXSQmW1vS01UePi MYOf Q7LU V2bfaVLrTk6T C9fUrr6LIdmUhHtZ9oA4L6oQ3urTpSsknt7LbcENKfUFK1bMIW7jovAuNrKCxJ LRBxbK riAaLB0VPSIrNez5 lO6tUvoaLnzCjMHJEoiySU
  • Once you create the account, you will be redirected to the professional dashboard of Linktree.
fZcgjoYYqbdGANgzYGB MCrbXySn3T5fqsJ25OZCp3cM NTaEUQP5Fcr OT0ILROmdOCtxHIJjS 11HdPwsju8da0aOnsGX2D95IOsWaxJ6ri5lNUXtsrwxpnQTPCvzkhsaETESbfbRHS6o47erPr M
  • Here, you can add different types of social media links, for example, to grow your following, share your content on different platforms, or make and collect money.
OMi2RJW07 bpWO x9OxLo1WMEVX13ab9qt5nik5MkCqT94F95dHuskir2WBPdHoZFxcHcOZQRz4xPtcdLHCZaotwWKmA6x
  • Also, you can design your bio link page according to your brand’s mission and vision. For instance, you can upload an image, choose a beautiful pre-designed theme (only available in paid version), change your background and button with colors and gradients (pro feature), and much more.
U9Rox2YkBNyWSrj8HHRJYzCwCLN0Z9c53650CPvH2dd5iMIeUZUbuPlmTGQrQ0jR7Hqu2SsaBgZs1ajaF IPV5Q8JxNy KwE Tx hfL2fwVeYfogl82t8JbwB5g04DGmGmyFnjzjqqEcAYYdhl1TVKo

What are the benefits of using a Linktree tool?

Till now, you might already have a basic idea of the Linktree tool’s benefits. Here are some key pointers on how you can take advantage of this tool:

  • Create multiple links within your Linktree and fully customize them to match your brand’s theme.
  • Share multiple types of content directly on Linktree, such as YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Twitter feeds, Spotify music, survey forms, the Clubhouse community, and much more.
  • Add your unique Linktree URL to multiple platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other bios where you find your audience. Then use your QR code to drive offline traffic online.
  • Keep track of your audience with the Google and Facebook analytic integration and monitor revenue. Learn what is working and what is not. And then mold your strategy to keep your followers engaged.
  • Manage, update, and schedule content with our quick, easy editor.

Examples of businesses and influencers who are using the Linktree tool?

Linktree is a great tool to keep all your desired links in one place that you want your feed to have access to and let your valuable work be seen by the whole world. With a strong community of Linktree members worldwide, there are big entrepreneurs like Ankur Warriko, artists like Selena Gomez or The Rock, television networks like HBO, comedians like Abhishek Upmanyu, and more. Not just that, it has also been featured in Mashable, Insider, Forbes, Fortune, and TC. vs Linktree: Comparison

Both and Linktree offer a simple and effective solution for managing all links in one place in the social bio. Even though there are always some differences, that may be why someone chooses one over another. Let’s talk about those differences:


  • Both tools let you create a page with a list of links. However, scores a plus by letting you add your featured media at the top of your page and letting your followers easily find them. 
  • Another difference comes here in the integration of music links. One major advantage of using Linktree is that you can integrate music links from more than 10 platforms, a feature that unfortunately you won’t be able to find in the tool.
  • Next is the number of links that you can add to your link-in-bio page. With Linktree, you can add an endless number of links to your bio, whereas with, you can add a maximum of 5 links.
  • Next is the sensitive content warning. Linktree tool lets you give a sensitive content warning over your linked content thereby saving your audience from any traumatic impact. On the other hand, does not.

However, the pro version of each of these tools offers an unlimited number of links and a useful set of features, which will give you a better insight into their perks.

User base

Since the time these tools were introduced to the market, both have made tremendous progress. As of now, Linktree has a strong and happy user base of 30 million+ worldwide, whereas has a user base of 7 million+ worldwide.


There is a significant difference in the pricing plans of and Linktree. offers users three premium plans. These paid plans include auto-publishing, Instagram best time to post, visual Instagram planner, Instagram reels auto-publishing, #tag suggestions, Instagram stories scheduling, access to analytics, carousel auto-publishing, and much more for different periods.

  • A starter plan for beginners on social media – $18/ month.
  • A growth plan for growing teams – $40/ month.
  • An advanced plan for managing multiple brands – $80/ month.

Note: You can take a free 14-day trial of all the above-mentioned plans. Furthermore, you can sign up for their plan on a monthly or yearly basis.

Linkin Bio vs Linktree - Later's pricing table showing: Start for $18, Growth for $40 and Advanced for $80 per month.

Contrary, Linktree gives you more premium features at a lesser cost in its paid plans. These include an advanced level of analytics and customer success management, multiple monetization options, links and buttons, Mailchimp integration, SEO settings, infinite designing and customization options, and much more. The following are its plans:

  • Join for the free plan – ₹0/ month
  • Starter plan – ₹250/ month
  • Pro plan – ₹450/ month
  • Premium plan – ₹1000/ month
Join for the free plan - ₹0/ month

Starter plan - ₹250/ month

Pro plan - ₹450/ month

Premium plan - ₹1000/ month

Conclusion: Linktree vs – which one is better?

Both tools are excellent and provide robust features. However, if you have to choose between them, we would go with the Link Tree.

Not because it has a strong global community, but because it is thoughtfully created from the creator’s point of view and offers better features at cheaper rates. Other than this, driving sales from sign-up forms with MailChimp integration, animation effects, linking a vast variety of media including podcasts, music, documents, or NFTs, multiple platform options, contact forms, the integration of eCommerce stores, and more are some of the reasons why this tool is a more superior choice.

However, if you want to go with tool by Later, it is still a good choice.

But we strongly recommend using Linktree for an easy-to-use, one-stop solution for all your linked platforms.

There is no such disadvantage to using Linktree or any other link-in-bio tool for optimizing the social bio.

However, there are just continuous discussions about how adding multiple links into a single page link may distract the audience from taking a certain course of action. And they might end up not taking any action. But this is a myth.

All you need to do is optimize your social bio as much as you can to give your followers a clear picture of what they will get from clicking the given links.

Why is it important to optimize your social bio link?

Earlier platforms limited users to a single bio link, impacting traffic and sales. Third-party tools like and Linktree solve this, allowing multiple links in one bio.

What is the tool?

Started as a social media scheduler, now creates customizable mini web pages for Instagram and TikTok bios, featuring clickable and shoppable content.

What is the Linktree tool?

Founded in 2016, Linktree challenged link limits on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, providing a centralized page for multiple links.

How does Later’s tool work?

Create an account on Later, connect your Instagram, and add social links, buttons, featured media, and linked social posts to your bio.

What are the benefits of using a Linktree tool?

Create and customize multiple links, share diverse content, add your Linktree URL to various platforms, and track analytics.

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