Unpeeled Journal

Unpeeled Journal explores all things food. They proudly serve as a trusted resource for recipes, interviews, cooking techniques, and more.

The Brief

We were tasked with creating all branding assets, website, and development for Unpeeled Journal.

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Project Overview

Unpeeled Journal partnered with our team for a complete website overhaul. Our primary goal was to create an engaging, user-friendly platform that seamlessly showcases the content-rich nature of Unpeeled Journal. We also wanted to allow users to favorite recipes they like and even save them to their accounts.

Key Challenges:

  • Optimize the website performance by reducing the number of plugins
  • Redesign the website for improved user experience and visual appeal
  • Integrate email marketing capabilities with Mailchimp
  • Implement logic for relevant content display and organization
  • Utilize custom post types for better content management
  • Allow users to like and save their favorite recipes

How We Did It:

Website Optimization: We assessed the existing website and identified over 30 plugins that were causing performance issues. By rebuilding the website from the ground up, we eliminated unnecessary plugins, significantly improving the site’s overall performance.

User Experience: Our design team crafted a visually appealing layout that highlights Unpeeled Journal’s rich content. The new design enhances user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate and engage with the site’s articles, recipes, and interviews.

Mailchimp Integration: We integrated Mailchimp into the Unpeeled Journal website, allowing users to easily subscribe to newsletters and updates. This integration enables Unpeeled Journal to effectively manage their email marketing campaigns and engage with their audience on a more personal level.

Content Logic: To ensure an improved user experience, we implemented logic on various pages that dynamically display relevant posts and recipes. This approach keeps visitors engaged and encourages them to explore more content on the site.

Custom Post Types: To facilitate better content management, we utilized custom post types in WordPress for different content categories such as recipes, interviews, and cooking techniques. This approach allows for easier organization and more efficient updates to the site’s content.


  • A faster, more efficient website due to reduced plugin usage
  • Enhanced user experience through an improved design and seamless navigation
  • Integration with Mailchimp to facilitate effective email marketing campaigns
  • Personalized content display for improved user engagement
  • Streamlined content management through the use of custom post types

The website redesign and optimization project resulted in a revitalized platform for Unpeeled Journal, helping them strengthen their online presence and better serve their audience.

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